IT infrastructure and Support Services

Support & Maintenance Service

From an individual to a corporate you can not afford to have IT infrastructure let you down. Call us for any technology problem and get a permanent fix to your issues:

)  On demand Support Services: We have a team of Microsoft certified engineers available on request for any technology issue from Internet downtime, mobile syncing to SQL Server issues. Companies may opt for various contracts based on the infrastructure. Our standard SLA covers emergency issues are handled within 4 hours and non-emergency calls within 24 hours.

)  Dedicated engineers: We provide certified on-site dedicated engineers for companies with more than 45 workstations or have a critical infrastructure with no-downtime policy. On-site engineers and supported by the entire team of Pi Techniques therefore are able to resolve and preempt almost any technology issue.

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Networking Infrastructure

Most organizations do not give importance to network and cabling infrastructure. One of the most critical part of any network are the cables which carry data across the your organization. Pi Techniques gets involved right from the construction stage of your premises to provide a robust network plan with industry standard structured cabling, network racks and I/O patching.

Well, if you didn't involve us from beginning its never too late we come to save the situation. When we are done you never have to touch your network again.

)   Implementing the correct internet connection

)   Implementing a secure Wi-Fi

)   Implementation of structured cabling and racks for LAN infrastructure

)   VPN Solutions: Virtual Private Networks

)   Point-to-Point solutions

Firewalls and Security

From organizations with 5 workstations to 500 workstations, today security should be on the highest priority. Your data is your most valuable asset. Therefore it is very critical to have the correct security solution in place. Pi Techniques helps you implement the correct solution from Firewalls, anti-virus, anti-malware and user policies & access rights. Leading to a secure network and keeping your data safe and keeping hackers and data leakages in check.

)   Implementation and maintenance of firewalls

)   Anti-Virus and Anti-malware protection

)   User access policies and access rights

)   Organization wide security policies


There is an ocean of hardware out there. We help you select the right product, right price and the right vendor. From servers, NAS (Network Storages) to Laptops and netbooks. Choose the right brand from DELL, APPLE or even Assembled computers.

)   Implementation and maintenance of servers

)   Desktops, Network storages, Laptops

)   Apple, DELL to Assembled brands

Software solutions and the correct tools

There are thousands of software tools, use the correct tool for the correct job. Pi Techniques will recommend & implement tools office productivity, accounting and specific solution requirements as per your needs.

)   Office productivity tools word processors, spread sheets choose Microsoft Office or Openoffice and other open source tools.

)   Customized software tools, document management systems, central document storages.

)   Accounting systems; Tally implementation and customization

Video Conferencing

Today travel time takes away most of your working day. Video conferencing is now a easy and viable solution for small organizations to large corporates. We help you choose the right, cost effective and efficient video calling products as per your requirement.

)   Video conferencing

)   Multi point video calls

)   Cost effective conferencing

Hosting & Email Solutions

Email is the heart of every business, Pi Techniques will help you implement email solutions for your organizations which are reliable, robust and cost effective.

Cloud storage is now one of the most reliable data storage options, implement the right one for your organizations needs.

Hosting websites and web applications is now necessity to all organizations, get the best of shared servers, Virtual servers or dedicated servers from some of the top hosting companies in the world.

)   Shared Web hosting

)   Dedicated Servers

)   Virtual Servers

)   Email solutions

)   Google Apps implementation

)   Domain services

Audits/Reviews and IT Policy

We have a team of certified engineers to carry out IT audits and review your current infrastructure. The audits usually comprise of user access policy, security policy, backup policy, network infrastructure and hardware infrastructure. On review completion we offer our recommendations and insights for improvements. To get your organization to industry standard infrastructure.

)   IT audits and review of infrastructure.

)   Dedicated Servers

)   Audits of user access policy, security policy, backup policy, network and hardware Infrastructure.

)   Recommendations and insights for improvements to lead you to industry standards


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